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Superior A.R.T. ART医院

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No better chance, no greater care


As the leading centre with the most advanced Assisted Reproduction Technology Laboratories in South-East Asia, Superior A.R.T. has been established from the collaboration of Sydney IVF and a group of Thai experts in Infertility and IVF treatment. We would like to welcome you and make your experience with us as comfortable, simple and stress-free as possible. Through our pioneering science, together with professional care and support, you can be assured of our dedication at every step.

作为与最先进辅助生殖技术实验室在东南亚地区主要的中心,从悉尼 IVF 和一组泰国专家不孕不育和体外受精治疗的协作建立了Superior A.R.T.。我们想欢迎您和作为舒适、 简单、无压力的尽可能让你与我们的经验。通过我们开创性的科学,以及专业的照料和支持,你可以放心我们奉献的每一步。


Superior A.R.T. has been established by the joint venture of Sydney IVF, Australia's premier IVF treatment provider, and several Thai experts in infertility treatments. Uniquely we have a strong commitment to research and are at the forefront of genetic diagnosis and testing..

Superior A.R.T.生殖医学中心是由泰国不孕专家联合悉尼体外受精专家、澳大利亚首屈一指的试管婴儿专家成立的合资企业,是东南亚最先进的辅助生殖技术高级研究中心,能够通过胚胎植入前的基因检测和诊断技术。


Through pioneering science, professional care and personal support, you can be assured of our dedication at every step towards giving you the greatest possible chance of becoming pregnant and having a healthy baby.



We also understand the emotional investment required when considering and undergoing assisted conception. You will have your own Superior A.R.T. specialist, as well as a team of nurse coordinators and scientists, who will all be there for you through every stage of your treatment, offering guidance and support, always available to answer your questions . 



Superior A.R.T. IVF &PGD(Superior A.R.T.医院)


Superior facilities and techniques:


Our laboratory technologies are the most modern in the world. Many recent innovations that have dramatically improved pregnancy rates, both in Australia and overseas, were

developed by Sydney IVF: our parent laboratory.


We can test the genetic health of your embryos to give you the best possible chance of a successful pregnancy. The technique we use is called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), and we're one of the few clinics in South-East Asia with the experience and the facilities to do so. The internationally recognized expertise of Sydney IVF in PGD for patients with known genetic disorders, such as beta thalassemia, is available at Superior A.R.T.


Using PGD, we can recognise many problems early, and we can exclude additional genetic factors that may hinder a successful pregnancy.


Sydney IVF is expert in single embryo transfer, which can increase the chance of a live born baby for younger women. This expertise is standard at Superior A.R.T. 




我们实验室的技术是最现代的世界。许多最近的创新,大大提高了怀孕率,在澳大利亚和海外,都由悉尼 IVF: 我们的实验室。


 我们与囊胚培养和植入术、 世界各国领导人在这一领域的成功意味着囊胚移植是标准在悉尼 IVF 和Superior A.R.T.


 我们可以测试您给你最有可能的成功怀孕的胚胎的遗传健康。我们使用的技术被称为胚胎遗传学诊断 (PGD),而我们在东南亚地区的经验和设施,这样做的几个诊所之一。PGD 在 Sydney IVF 患者已知的遗传疾病,如 β 地中海贫血,国际公认的专门知识是可用在Superior A.R.T.


使用 PGD,我们可以早,认识到许多问题,我们可以排除其他遗传因素,可能妨碍成功怀孕。


悉尼 IVF 是婴儿的专家在单胚胎移植,可以增加活生的年轻妇女的机会。这种专门知识是标准在Superior A.R.T.


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